6 ways to make your cv more concise

Is it difficult for you to make a one-page CV? It is high time to put your CV on a diet and get rid of the unnecessary information.
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Is it difficult for you to make a one-page CV? It is high time to put your CV on a diet and get rid of the unnecessary information.


1. Choose an appropriate structure for your resume.

Choosing the Right Type of CV based on your experience can reduce its size. "If you have repeatedly occupied the same function, it is better to choose the resume skills in order to avoid repetition," advises Michelle Espiritu, recruitment officer from Sysgen Philippines.
Instead of detailing every experience, you begin by describing your skills. After that, list your experiences without repeating the similar responsibilities.

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2. Personalize the content for each part.

You save space by customizing your CV to suit the desired position. All the information that is not needed for a specific position can be shortened and even eliminated. Your on-the-job training that has nothing to do with your profession today can be deleted, especially if you have more than five years experience.

3. It’s easier to read through lists.

Keep in mind that recruiters scan your CV quickly at the first reading. The simpler, the better. For example, instead of long complicated sentences, lists are recommended. Enumerations have the merit of being clear and can quickly identify the main ideas.

4. A new experience = delete earlier information 

You should remove information every time you update your CV, Are you adding a new work experience? Trim down the explanation for your past experiences that might be less interesting now. Do you have a twenty-year work experience? It is unnecessary to include your volunteer work in college.
Also, do not itemize all your tasks: choose the one that accurately represents your career growth.

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5. Customize the Training section to your profile.

After some years of experience, some details are unnecessary. When a recruiter receives a resume from a frame of forty years, that does not interest him to know where he did his on-the-job training when he was 18!
However, if you have recently completed professional training to develop yourself in your field, be sure to include it in your CV.

6. Learn to sort through your interests

The section about your hobbies should not be too detailed. Add specific interests that are related to the position you are applying for. It’s useless to include cross-stitching if you are applying for a web developer post.
The remark also applies to sports which are practiced at a high level may reveal the values and skills that can be useful in business thus, they are relevant. However, to write that you play tennis once a year is wasting space and wasting the recruiter’s time.

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